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Pressure infuser bags
Flow control switch


Pressure infuser bag

The Pressure infusor bag (PIB) features a dual pressure safety valve that switches from normal pressure to overpressure with the push of a button. The ability to pressurize and deflate can be achieved with just one hand. The blunt hook will not puncture the fluid bag and is safe in the event of a pressure loss. Rigid hook design slides easily through IV poles. Available in 500 ml, 1000 ml and 3000 ml sizes. (Not compatible with MRI).


Flow control switch

The flow control switch gives you the security you need when stopping and resuming flow during critical procedures. It is a feature-packed integrated device that can be used with one hand and features a single channel, designed with the safety of the physician and patient in mind. It can be used with any application that presents a flow of liquids and requires in-line closure capability. 24 units per case.

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