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At Biogen Diagnóstica we have products that allow us to achieve hemostasis in a fast, comfortable and precise way. They provide greater visibility and at the same time greater comfort for the patient. Features include easy inflation and deflation, a low profile, and focused compression.


  • Assisted compression device

  • Radial compression device

  • Radial compression device with strap

  • Radial artery compression device

  • Topical pad

  • Custom radial compression device

  • Distal compression device


The compression-assisted device provides passive compression and allows immediate pressure adjustment. Likewise, it maintains a constant pressure at the site when a compression hemostasis is obtained.
manual and during patient recovery, positioning and transport. The SafeGuard Assisted Compression Device reduces the workload for clinical staff, makes the most of valuable resources, while increasing patient comfort.


The Radial Compression Device is a 26 cm long, latex-free, self-adhesive wrist strap designed to assist haemostasis of the radial artery after a catheterization procedure. The band offers adjustable compression of the radial puncture site with an inflatable bulb and standard luer valve that facilitates inflation and deflation with any standard luer syringe. A clear window allows better visualization of the puncture site, and the size and shape of the bulb minimizes compression of surrounding nerve structures or other areas. The fabric wrist strap offers increased patient comfort and fits securely around the wrist. The Safeguard Radial device is packaged individually, sterile, for single use. 10 units per box. The Safeguard Radial device joins the growing portfolio of Merit Medical products designed to promote haemostasis after radial procedures.


The radial strap compression device offers non-occlusive compression while maintaining adequate blood circulation in the patient's hand. Obvious hemostasis can be achieved with a single turn of a dial. The clear line provides easy access site monitoring; The Final Radial Compression Device features a comfortable Velcro® band available in two lengths, 10 ”(25cm) and 12” (30.5cm).


The Radial Artery Compression System is just one of the many innovative products that Biogen Diagnostica offers for the radial approach. This device offers clinicians the benefits of controlled hemostasis, patient comfort, and safety at the completion of radial arterial access procedures. The device combines comfortable wrist immobilization and practical adjustable direct pressure at the access site.



Non-woven topical pad made with proprietary Polyprolate, a positively charged chitosan biopolymer with known hemostatic activity that accelerates clot formation.
• Faster hemostasis leads to decreased waiting time and ambulation time.
• Compatible with all anticoagulation therapies.
• Unlike other vascular closure devices, this device has no contraindications and can be used by patients with known sensitivity to materials derived from cattle.
• Soluble in water for easy and comfortable removal.

Additional protection

• Provides an antimicrobial barrier for up to 6 days.
• Can be used as an antimicrobial wrap around permanent lines to protect puncture sites on the skin surface.



It is a state-of-the-art personal radial compression device that offers efficiency, comfort and safety. It has been created to meet the market need to improve patient comfort without compromising safety. This innovative radial compression device comes with creative designs stamped directly onto the bands to personalize the patient experience. Boxes of 5 units



This hemostasis device is specifically designed for distal access to the "tobacco box" providing effective and comfortable compression for patients.
It combines a single band configuration with the comfort and efficiency of the radial compression device with enchanting nature scenes.
The band accessory is designed with a material that provides secure and adjustable device placement. The device also includes an extension band if required.

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